Bolikonda Ranganatha Swamy

Bolikonda Ranganatha Swamy

Bolikonda Ranganatha Swamy is located in Rayalaseema, Anantapur District, Thondapadu Village. This Temple is one of the most famous temples in Rayalaseema. The deity idol of Lord Sri Ranganatha Swamy exactly resting form of Lord Vishnu. Devotees comes from far and near to offer prayers for his blessings.

Sri Ranganatha Swamy is a Hindu deity, well known in South India, and the chief deity of Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple Bolikonda. The deity is in a sleeping form of Lord Vishnu. This is the form in which he is open to listening to all of his devotee’s woes and blesses them. Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple is of particular interest for scholars in the south because of the great history attached to it in shaping the religion in the Bolikonda. Symbolic representation of Ranganatha has been compared as the meaning of both is the same except for their locations. There are many Ranganatha temples spread over many towns and villages of South India, Bolikonda Ranganatha Swamy is one of them.

Bolikonda Ranganatha Swami Temple in Thondapaadu village is on top of the hill. The hill is full of white shiny stones by which the hill is named as “Shweta Giri” means white hill. It is said that once upon a time Lord Vishnu visited this place and he was very much impressed with the beautiful forest and he took rest on the hill. In those days Veda Maharishis were accommodated there and offering Tapasyas they saw Lord Vishnu and offered prayers by which Lord Vishnu was impressed and asked them to wish something. Maharishis said that “people have many problems in their daily life, we wish you to stay here and fulfil the wishes and desires of the devotees who came and offer prayers”. Lord Vishnu accepted this and he was named as Bolikonda Ranganatha Swamy.

How to Reach Temple

Thondapaadu village is located on the highway route from Tadipatri town to Gutti town which is about 9 km. Tourists should get down in Thondapaadu village buses from Gutti Or Tadipatri towns.


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