Penugonda Fort

Penugonda Fort

Old monuments are the reflection of our great history, they help us to understand in a better way and respect people who lived in different eras with different habits, traditions and culture. As well the existence of old monuments will help us to observe the changes in the societies for a better understanding of the causes that lead to the development of cities and societies and even traditions to the present status. Old buildings are the recognition of cities
they reflect the changes that happened in a city over time, they reflect wars, conflicts and the prosperity of the society, and it also reflects the economic status of the city over time. Penugonda is one of such places which have many wonderful places to visit. Penugonda is located about 20 km away from Hindupuram there is a beautiful Fort built by ‘Vijaynagara Kings’. Penugonda Fort on top of a hill is which is worthy to see, and many temples located
nearby the Fort.

The other most major places to visit are the garden of Kumbakaran and JP Palace. There is a huge statue of Kumbakaran in a peaceful and lovely atmosphere in between of many plants and trees and tourists visit this place to have a look of this huge statue of Kumbakaran which is about 142 feet long and 32 feet height. The statue is in a sleeping form which is really amazing and wonderful to see.

How to reach Penugonda

Instead of Penugonda you can a get flight to Hindustan Airport on regular basis. Penugonda 123 km away
Hindustan Airport (BLR), Bangalore, Karnataka Penugonda 204 km away Tirupati Airport (TIR), Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Penugonda. Railway Station(s): Penugonda Junction (PKD)

Penugonda does not have a bus stand. Nearest option is Gorantla. Penugonda 23 km away from Gorantla, Andhra Pradesh and 23 km away from Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh

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