The Rachakonda fort


Rachakonda Fort is a good example of medieval Hindu fort architecture, Located in Telangana, India. The fort situated surrounding of Hyderabad the distance of fort is 60 km from Hyderabad and it is located Narayanapur The Rachakonda is came from the word “RajaChalam” it means “the hill of the kings”. The Rachakonda was established by Recharala Padmanakaya kings, they are the important leaders of kakatiyas dynasty after they are ruled independently.


  • The fort was ruled by many kings like Racharla Nayakas,Vijayanagaras,Bahamanis,Quatabs,Nizamas.
  • The fort of Rachakonda was ruled by Recharla Padmanayaka belonged to Amanagandipuram after that at around
  • 1360 AD The capital was shifted by Anapotanayaka from Anumagallu to Rachakonda .
  • Bammera Potana and Naganath belonged to the Racherla kingdom.
  • The king of kakatiya Ganapatideva declared Anapotanayaka as (samanta Raju) and Singhama Nayaka who was the main commandor as sainyadipati in kakatiya kingdom
  • The Rachakonda kings then sought the help of Kapileswara Gajapathi  of Orrissa Gajapathi’s and also promised him large amounts of money
  • He sent his son Hamviradeva (known as Ambar Roy to the Muslims) along with a large army to help the Rachakonda kings.
  • By 1461 AD, the Rachakonda kings recovered all their lost forts and became kings of Orugallu with the help of Hamviradeva
  • The Rachakonda kings in turn lost their independence and became tributaries of the Gajapathi’s of Orissa.
  • Later the sultan's occupied the fort, in 1536 AD the Qutub shahi's and finally the fort came under the control of Nizam’s.

Construction of the Fort

The castle walls and gateways are constructed Cyclopean Masonry Architecture (the magic of the fort is it is constructed without masonry) the kings are developed fort using traditional and Vastushstra they are encouraged fine arts they are treated poets in very respectful Architecture of fort is very strong they constructed 40 km long granite wall around fort they established many temples ,lakes, ponds and Wells , gateways, assembly Hall's, water pits, to auditoriums & Introducing gravitation system they are supplying water , they are very supported in agriculture ways

  • The fort built as a two story structure was constructed without using any mortar.
  • The hills surrounds the Fort also provide good opportunity for trekking and provide panoramic view of the plains
  • At the entrance, there are gateways made of stone pillars and horizontal beams.
  • The exterior walls of the building are built with stone and the interiors are layered with mud.
  • The structure of Rachakonda Fort was strategically developed as a defensive bastion with strong fortifications.
  • Recently, 6 feet Shiva Lingam was found when unidentified people started digging for treasure at Rachokonda Fort.

Architecture of fort is very strong they constructed 40 km long granite wall around fort they established many temples, lakes, ponds, and Wells, gateways, assembly Hall's, water pits, to auditoriums & Introducing gravitation system they are supplying water, they are very supported in agriculture ways.

Annual Events:
Every year people celebrate Sriramanavami utsavam& Gadi feerla ursu utsavam IN Rachakonda Fort.

Other attractions near Rachakonda Fort

There are gateways, Gurralagutta, Sankelka bavi, Bogini Mancham, Kacheri gutta, Bala Saheb Bavi, Giddana area, stoneimages, Narasimha Guha, Alwar idols, paintings of old ancient people, carving pictures, Srirama temple, Mahadev temple, Gadi feerla ursu, and different stone carvings, Mandapas, different types of trees natural ponds, stone walls, paddy fields and Raya Samudram, Anapath Samudram, Naga samudram, Ahalaya river are surrounding of the fort.

How to reach Rachakonda Fort

Many people from different states and countries visit this Rachakonda Fort. It is easy to reach Nalgonda via trains and roads, though the place does not fall into the path of any of the National Highways directly up to  Chotuppal  and take a diversion from there and proceed another 28 km to reach Rachakonda. The railway station at Nalgonda is an important one on the Guntur- Secunderabad railway line, and there are many trains that do stopover in the town. The road transport system is also good and there are many buses that operate regularly to and from Nalgonda. The nearest airport is at Hyderabad. Rachakonda Fort is about 60 kms from Hyderabad city.

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