Traditional Sculpture (Shilpa kala) Universities

T.T.D’s S.V.Institute of Traditional Sculpture and Architecture(S.V.I.T.S.A)

The origin of sculpture is very ancient which is being represented by the pre Aryan Vedic culture in the Harappan and Mohanjadaro excavations. All the various body representations expressing emotional life of an individual, which is well defined in the ‘Angikabhinaya” by Bharatmuni were attempted at by the Iconographists of the same period by Viswakarma. The great treatises like Manasara, Mayamata, Samarangana Sutra dhara, Kasyapa silpasastra and others are other examples which are followed in the curriculum of the Sri Venkateswara Institute of Traditional Sculpture and Architecture, T.T.D., Tirupati.

While the Vedic wisdom has taken the manifested form in the shape of syllables, the Agama tradition has developed in to physical manifestation in the form of temples. The temple is the representation of the Hindu culture. The temple art developed so extensively that such no growth in that dimension is found any where in the world. The temples and their gate ways have influenced the mentality of Indians, which could not be done by the laws of the land and turned many persons towards a regulated social life ReadMore

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