The Sangameshwara Temple


History of Sangameshwara Temple

According to Myth, it seems that the Pandavas of Mahabharata during their exile came to Kurnool and decided to install a lord Shiva Linga in that region after they visited Srisailam Mallikarjuna Temple. Dharmaraja (Yudhishthira) ordered his younger brother Bhima to bring a Shiva Linga from the Holy Place Kashi. As Bhima failed to meet the muhurtham in fetching the idol, a rectangular neem log was installed. at the confluence of the river, Krishna and Tungabhadra with other tributaries The Shiva Linga were named as Sangameshwara as the word Sangama means the place where the rivers meet. The idol brought by Bhima later found a place a furlong away. Chatrapati Shivaji spent 40 days at Sangameswaram.


This Temple was submerged after the construction of Srisailam dam in 1980. This temple was not relocated like many other temples in that locality. Thus, the temple got submerged by the water of Srisailam Dam. In fact, it remained in the water for twenty years and resurfaced in the year 2003.


The devotees are allowed to visit the places the temple remains open for 40 to 50 days every year. As the Temple is surrounded with water the devotees are taken to Temple by the Boats. Many devotional programmes poojas are performed to the Shiva linga inside the temple.

Construction of Sangameshwara Temple

  • Sangaeshwara Temple was built in 740 AD in this place by a ruler from the Chalukya family named Pulakesi II.
  • These temples were built in Nagara style, on an elevated platform with a fortified wall around the temple.
  • The Temple has 12 large pillars in the hall followed by the sanctum. There is a cross path around the sanctum for Pradakshinas.
  • There is a relief of large Nagaraja on the ceiling, as seen in the other Chalukya temples.
  • The pillars in the hall have nice carve images of Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Kumaraswamy.
  • The outer side front walls have carvings of Ardhanariswara and Ganapathi. There are the images of Yamuna and on the doorway.
  • The outer walls of the sides are nicely carved with Lord Shiva killing the demon, Harihara, Manmadha, Yama, and Shiva with 18 hands.
  • The four corners of the temples have crocodile carvings. The human figures appear differently from each side as a child, youth and elder person.
  • The outer walls of lattice windows have beautifully carved Toranas. At present, the Temple is only visible in summer because the water levels will be low in summer.
  • Every year the Temple is resurfaced in summer months. The architecture if this Temple is still under treat as most of the time it is submerged in the water.

Location of Sangameshwara Temple

Sangameshwar Tempe is located near the shore of Machummarri village in Kurnool district. This Temple was built at a place where river Krishna, Tunga, Bhadra, Bhavanasi, Veni, Bheemarathi, mahapharani tributaries meet together.Other attractions near Sangameshwara Temple Srisailam Dam and Reservoir which is constructed at the border of Mahabubnagar and Kurnool district is one of the beautiful tourist attractions near Sangameshwara Temple How to reach Sangameshwara Temple Sangameshwara Temple is open for 40 to 50 days in the month of April and May. Boats are available from the shore to visit the temple. There are many buses run by the government to reach Pagidyala. There are also many trains available to Kurnool railway station from different cities Folk have to stay in Guntur OR Vijayawada as there are no hotels nearby the village Machummari.

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