Himalayan Tours

In Sanskrit, Himalaya means “abode of snow” (‘hima’ means ‘snow’, and ‘aalaya’ means ‘abode’). The Himalayas extend over 2,500 km in east-west and between a range of 250-425 km in north-south direction. Formed in three parallel ranges, the Himalayas extend over more than one country.

Travelite (India) invites you to experience the cool Himalayan breeze. We have designed a range of special Himalayan Tours, which provide an unprecedented variety of ways to tour the Himalayas. These tours have been designed to suit diverse interests, including adventure, culture, leisure and spiritual, and extend from the west to the eastern most ranges of Himalayas.

Village Walks in the Himalayas: One of the most fascinating and unique ways to discover the hidden beauty of Himalayas is through village walks amidst the serenity of the mighty Himalayas. A uniquely authentic Himalayan experience, offers you ample opportunity for interaction with the local villagers and tribes of the region, along with a rare chance to stay in traditional village houses. To offer you a unique yet comfortable experience, the village houses have been renovated without compromising on the traditional authenticity and charm. Staying in these houses offers the visitor a rare chance to experience the unchanged rural way of life. Alongside village walks, river rafting, and driving around the hilly terrain, you also get an opportunity to visit some of the famous Buddhist monasteries of the region.

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