Kota Gullu Warangal

Kota Gullu
Historic Buildings and architectural significance become part of the cultural heritage of a town and the society. Beautiful group set of temples “Kota Gullu” is situated in Telangana near Warangal district. Cultural heritage of “Kota Gullu” is the creation of human beings, which have been created it by virtue of their innovative power, creativity and artistic ability. These temples are also called by the name “Ghanpur temples”. Kota Gullu comprises about 20 temples, all differ in size and design that display the marvellous main temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Temple contains a museum which shows the art and architecture of Kakatiya dynasty. The heritage of “Kota Gullu” are well-appreciated by tourists from different states. Heritage-related events have tremendous potential.

History of Kota Gullu

These temples of Kota Gullu or Ghanpur temples were established in Kakatiya dynasty by the King Ganapatideva. The architecture of the temples is very much impressive like most of the south Indian temples. Marvellous pieces “Kota Gullu” architecture portray very rich culture also temples explains the value of architectural style of Kakatiya’s and reflects a great deal of culture from that era. This place will make us feel like we have reached back in time and experience true history architectural work by Kakatiyas.

Construction of Kota Gullu

It was built in the late 12th and early 13th century by King Ganapatideva, from Kakatiya dynasty. All of these temples were enclosed by a two layered brick walls. The Ghanpur group of Temples comprise of more than 20 temples. All of them differ in size as well as design. Of all these temples, the main temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva is the most magnificent. The other sanctum of the temple consists of Garbhagriha and Antarala. Tourists can come across many mythic sculptures in these Ghanpur Temples. The most noticeable feature of the temples is the Sabha mandapa porches. Two madanikas are been viewed on the northern side of the portico. The eastern and southern porticos are decorated with several mythical figures of Gaja Kesari, half human-half lion form riding on the elephant, and horse-head lion back on an elephant. The sight of ancient temples beneath the tremendous and lofty palms is most attractive.

How to reach Kota Gullu
The distance between Hyderabad to Ghanpur to Hyderabad is 116 km by Road and 106 km by Rails.
There are no buses direct from Hyderabad to Ghanpur but, trains available from Hyderabad to Ghanpur. These trains are Golconda Exp (17201), Krishna Express (17405), Gnt Sc Exp (12705), Bhagyanagar Exp (17234) and Kaghaznagar Exp (17036) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Hyderabad from Ghanpur is 1h 41m. The fastest way to reach Hyderabad from Ghanpur takes you 1h 41m, which is to take Golconda Exp from Ghanpur to Hyderabad. The cheapest way to reach Hyderabad from Ghanpur takes you 1h 41m, which is to take Golconda Exp from Ghanpur to Hyderabad.

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