Nagoba Mandir

Nagoba Mandir

Serpent Gods are symbols and symbolic of healing and transformation, but in some of the cultures they were fertility symbols. The tradition of worshipping snakes is present in several ancient cultures, particularly in religion and Folk fore, this entity of strength and renewal. This Temple is located Asifabad block in the village called Keslapur in Mutthnoot Gram Panchayath which is 3 km away Mutthnoot Gram Panchayath InderVelly Mandal and 32 km away from Adilabad district and 25 km from Utnoor Taluk Nagoba means the Goddess of snakes Nagoba Mandir is dedicated to the serpent God known as Sheshnag. Nagoaba Mandir is located in the forest where the Gond and Pandar tribes live.

Tribes give more preference to the serpent God as they spend their whole life in the forest and overcome different kinds of dangerous snakes daily and got habituated worshipping the snakes.

As we know that there were many serpent Goddess Temples in India. This temple is also one of the interesting temples in South India. Every year people celebrate Nagoba Jatara or Keslapur Jatara. This event is celebrated every year in the month of December and January in Pushyamasam. This jatara is celebrated for five days where the tribal people from different states like Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh come and participate here whole heartily to seek the blessings of Serpent God Nagoba. This 5-day event raises enthusiasm even in the urban and even they also show interest in visiting this place frequently. Gusadi dance is one of the most attractive parts of this event which is worthy to watch. People Nagoba Mandirlove watching this Gusadi dance by the Tribal folks.

This Nagoba Temple may not as bigger as the other tourist places are, but still many numbers of people come and visit this place from different states of India on the occasion of jatara to have a look of the beautiful culture and tradition of different tribal people of India. The tribal people always welcome the tourist’s people who come and visit their place.

How to reach Nagoba Mandir

From Hyderabad to Keslapur Nagoba Mandir is about 326 km from Karimnagar its approximately 183 km from Warangal it’s about 235kms and from Adilabad its 32 km.

Buses ply between Uttnoor and major cities and districts like Warangal, Karimnagar, and Adilabad. Local transport is available from Uttnoor to Keslapur Village.

The nearest Railway station is the Sirput Kagaz Nagar railway station which is about 23 km from Keslapur village and the other railway station is the Khazipet Railway station which is about 174 km away from the village Keslapur.

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